Beaver in our watershed

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  • Patty Healy
  • Tim Norton
  • Tina Chopko
  • Mitch  Popa
  • Bruce Padian (Retired)

Meet our Board

Report A Beaver Siting

We build non-lethal solutions to beaver-caused flooding

Who are we?

  • 150 + "Flat-tailers",  volunteers who have counted beaver colonies in the Portneuf River watershed at BeaverCount.
  • Director Mike Settell
  •  Board Member :  Position Open!
  • Board Member Tina Chopko
  • Board Member Patty Healy
  • Board Member Mitch Popa
  • Board Member Tim Norton


Where would we be without three key organizations?

  • Portneuf Valley Audubon Society. They had faith in us and got us off the ground for the phase 1 planning Grant.
  • North American Native Research and Education Foundation (NANREF), which engages native youth and encourages them to shoot for the stars and beyond
  • Southeast Idaho Flyfishers.  This organization works tirelessly to create habitat for fisheries by fencing streams and getting young people outside.  They have been partners in various projects, including BeaverDamJam-Idaho and the BeaverPondFishingTournament.  Visit their website here.


Watershed Guardians is all about beaver!  We began with support from locals who were concerned that beaver were not appreciated for their amazing ability to maintain and restore Southeast Idaho's watershed.  Since our first BeaverCount, a free winter event to count active beaver colonies in the Portneuf River watershed, we have conducted tours trained over 200  volunteers and assessed stream flows in streams with active beaver colonies.