This is a large pdf file.  However, it contains descriptions of zones and other notes that will be useful in helping you choose what areas you would like to census.

Please note.  BeaverCount is no longer held at the Bannock Guard Station.   Watershed Guardians Director, Mike Settell was very fortunate to rent the guard station for a period of time that allowed a fledgling love of beavers to flourish.   This was a temporary arrangement.  Please note that the location of BeaverCount has changed to the Mink Creek Pavilion.  Perhaps some time, when beaver are once again flourishing in the East Fork, we can  hold the BeaverCount at the Nordic Center.

Please print out the map and familiarize yourself with the area beforehand.

Mink Creek Pavilion

South Mink Creek Road

0.5 miles past the Bannock Guard Station. Please note: