Big 5 sporting Goods has provided 3 $25 gift certificates for the following:

  • Best Story (on camera ;-))
  • Best Team Name
  • Best Photo

Please don't leave without getting your story recorded!


After you have completed training, select one of three census zones. Each zone is comprised of three challenge levels.

  •  SOME Red zones are the most difficult due to distance or vertical climb.     Red zones may be as long as 10 miles and best censused on XC skis; SOME red zones are only  2-5 of miles long but may require a steeper ascent.  Red zone teams begin at 9:00 AM.      You should be in good to excellent shape if your team choses red zone. 
  • Green zones are 1 to 5 miles long and may have brushy terrian, steep slopes or a long hike/snowshoe.   You should be in moderate to good physical condition to attempt a green zone.    Green teams begin at 10:00AM.  You should be in moderate to good shape for a green zone.  
  •  Blue zones are the easiest and are less than 2 miles long.  We have several blue zones that will be censused.  Blue teams begin at 11:00 AM.   Most people can census a blue zone.

 All teams must report to their base camp by 4:00PM Saturday!

Use caution when approaching wildlife!   As always, please keep updated on the current weather!

Watershed Guardians and Volunteers will show you how:

  • To spot active and inactive colonies,

  • Have fun in the winter landscape,

  • Be prepared;
  • Snowshoe and negotiate terrain that is inaccessible in the summer.

  • Experience other fun aspects of winter sports.

If you have previously been trained in BeaverCount please help us this year.  We'd love to have you back!  If you have not participated in BeaverCount, please plan on attending the training.

Click here for Weather updates and notices

On February 2nd, and February 9th (Toponce) , your team will help census  one of three drainages:  Mink, Rapid, Dempsey,  or Toponce Creek north of Lava Hot Springs.  Each creek has its own distinct features which when combined with active beaver colonies will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience (of course, we hope you come back year after year!) After viewing the sites, please select the stream that you would like to census.

The BC 2018 training  will be January 26th, 2018 at the Mink Creek Nordic Center (Next to the A-Fraime) and mandatory for all participants WHO HAVE NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN TRAINED.  Starting at about 9:30 AM ,  register and  get tips from experts on  outdoor preparedness and other topics.   Then we'll snow shoe down the hill determine your ability   You’ll look at active vs. inactive beaver systems and biological evidence.  If you have not been to the training more recently than 5 years, we recommend that you re-train.  Please sign up for training below by January 25th. REGISTER BELOW and review the challenge rating.