Toponce Creek.   Register at the Chuckwagon Restaraunt at 7:45 AM (yes, that's early!)   We have  a long way to go and we want to ensure that you have the right gear.  (Visit the Maps page to see the Toponce zone).    This is our first year censusing Toponce Creek.  We do not  know what access will be like.  Volunteers must have back-country  experience.  We will have 1, perhaps 2 snowmachines for support and rescue, should that be needed.   

As we have not censused before, we will need volunteers to mark accurately the beginning and end of their zones.  It  is not necessary to mark each site, but the beginning and end of the zones is critical. 

Also critical is your safety.  You will learn about the critical gear list at the training.  You can see the short list here.  If you need snowshoes, you will have to pick those up the day before you go.   Call 232-0825 for details.  You must report to Patty by 4PM.  If you are not in cell service, ensure that you have enough battery to make that call, otherwise you will need to be  in Lava by 4PM.  Pick up your chits and your log sheet from Patty Healy.  You will want to check in as soon as you are done by calling Patty at 208-604-4338.  You can also call 208-232-0825 as a backup.    Snowmachine operators must also check in and receive a "chit" and return the "chit" when they return.