Become a Flat-tailer:Volunteer!   It's just as valuable as a cash donation.   We cannot help beaver without your help.

We have several opportunities for you to donate your time to help us conserve beaver and beaver habitat:

  1. Be a Jammer.  Help us with BeaverDamJam.  This may involve soliciting donations, helping with setup and takedown of the event or hanging posters.  Fill out the form below
  2. Be a Watcher.  We need folks to watch goings on in our drainages, particularly Mink Creek, Toponce Creek and Rapid Creek for mischievous activity, like poaching.  This requires some special training, so let us know.
  3. Be a Gauger.  We need folks to photograph our stream gauges (like the one James and Kasey are installing).  We'll provide you with the locations.  All you need to do is photograph the gauge and upload the photo and location to our web page.
  4. Be a Marketeer.  Are you a web-developer? A graphic artist?  We are a fun organization with an outdoor personality, but we could really use some expertise in these and other business aspects of our organization.  Your expertise is needed
  5. Be a Trapper.  Our trappers don't kill, we help keep them alive by moving them from potentially dangerous situations. Do you like wildlife and handling wildlife.  We are prepped for an extensive beaver relocation program and need folks to help set live traps, man the traps, baby-sit live beaver and help with the relocations.  It'll be one of the most rewarding things you do!
  6.   Be a Factor.  In the fur trading 1800s, factors helped run the business.  These factors were essential to making the organization productive. Are you an accounting type person familiar with QuickBooks, but still like adventure?  We could really use you.  Fill out the form below as appropriate.
  7. Just want to help?  Be a Generalist.  Select our General Helperselection and you may find yourself in any one of our activities. An unpredictable but sometimes adventurous job.

Thank you!

Beaver Caused Damage?

Watershed Guardians helps landowners with beaver caused flooding by raising roads, installing Beaver Deceivers(tm) or Pond Levelers.  At Haynes, we'll do all of these, all to keep the beaver colony from being trapped.

Are you aware of beaver causing road flooding?  We are looking for opportunities to demonstrate how we can mitigate beaver-caused damage and retain the wonderful ecosystem services provided by beaver.  We need your help!  Let us know where you see culvert plugging in your travels!.


Proposed Pond Leveler and driveway raising on Hoot Owl Road (Haynes Project)

East Fork of Mink Creek

The slides below show some of the watershed features created by beaver in 2007. Many of Flattailers recall that the  East Fork of Mink Creek once had numerous beaver active Beaver Dams.  Their ponds were epic in size and large trout were just beginning to thrive. Then something happened...the population crashed.  Let's restore the East Fork. Tell Idaho Fish and Game to extend the trapping closure on the East Fork indefinitely.  For a tour of the East Fork, call 232-0825.