Volunteers on this project were:

  • The Beebe Brothers (Trent, Tate,
  • Paul Schmidtlein
  • Bruce Padian
  • Kris Hansen
  • Richard Hansen
  • Patty Healy
  • Mike Settell

In response to flooding caused by beaver, the Beebe family opted for a non-lethal solution to beaver plugging their culvert.  Funds to pay for the construction were provided by a grant from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the landowners.  We were able to leverage these funds to pay for another project immediately downstream.

While the landowners of this second project (not shown) were unwilling to pay for the structure, generous neighbor kicked in $300 dollars to cover a portion of the costs.  Every little bit helps and helps us continue to provide these effective solutions, keep beaver in their homes and minimize flooding year after year.