Make a Difference: Volunteer or Donate!

You are the key!

From helping with tours, to offering professional services, to coordinating, car-pooling, or working on an activity such as trail maintenance or scouting for beaver ponds with google earth.  We can use your skills. 

Idaho's beaver need you!

Here are some things we need help with now:

  • Can you work on Web pages?  Do you know marketing ?  We have several events intended to raise awareness of the critical value of beaver.  We need your technical skills.
  • Do you have any experience with QuickBooks?  We could use your expertise.
  • Would you like to help install a pond leveler (tm) or a beaver deceiver?    This typically requires a full day and we have several projects in the works.
  • What do you know about Google Earth?  We can identify beaver colonies from the comfort of your kitchen table. 
  • Do you love art?  We are always looking for original artwork that we can use to vividly display our cause:  Beaver. 

Please fill out the form and add whatever skills you would like to add!