East Fork of Mink Creek

The slides at right show some of the watershed features created by beaver in 2007. Many of Flattailers recall that the  East Fork of Mink Creek once had numerous beaver active Beaver Dams.  Their ponds were epic in size and large trout were just beginning to thrive. Then something happened...the population crashed.  Let's restore the East Fork. Tell Idaho Fish and Game to extend the trapping closure on the East Fork indefinitely.  For a tour of the East Fork, call 232-0825.

 What are the flood impacts of a series of beaver dams on a small (2nd order) stream?  To find  out, Watershed Guardians enlisted the help of ISU Engineering seniors Zack Smith, Irvin Aguilar, Abdulla Alhmoudi, Bader Alazemi, and Yousef Haji.  We showed these future engineers where beaver once occupied the stream on the East Fork of Mink Creek.  Then, using off-the-shelf, free modeling software from the Army Corps of Engineers, they modeled the impacts of flooding given a 50 year flood event.  The results weren't surprising, but we don't want to spoil the story.  Read more about how Watershed Guardians helps the next generation of engineers think about beavers as watershed management tools.  Download the entire presentation here.

Figure 1: a 3D rendering of the lower reach of East Fork of Mink Creek.  Find out why this is important for watershed management and how beavers can help.

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