Choose not to donate? No problem!  You can help us by logging in to i-Naturalist and entering your photos of the stream gauge.  We'll use this information to determine the flows at the site.  Select the button below to see how it works and sign up

M.A.R.S.:  Macrobiotic Aquifer Recharge Study.  The M.A.R.S.  project is a citizen science project that combines data from BeaverCount.  We install stream gauges throughout the Mink Creek Watershed and we measure  changes in beaver population affects stream flow

You can help by photographing gauges.  Upload a photo of the gauge showing the water level using the button below. 

To adopt a station/pay for a gauge, complete the form below.  When you adopt a station, we provide you the GPS coordinates and the location of the gauge, you photograph the water level on the gauge and we convert your photo of the gauge into a stream flow.      Invite a friend!

You can also purchase a stream gauge.  We will provide a diary of their gauge station  and install the gauge.  If you'd like to help us help them help us,  and help Idaho undergraduates, please donate $80 or any amount using the "donate "  button below   mail it to:

Watershed Guardians, Inc.

PO Box 634

Pocatello, Idaho 83204

In exchange for your generous donation, we'll name a gauge after you or any other name  of your choice.  Use the comments line in the pay pal page.   


Help us reach our goal of 9 gauges.  We need the stream flow data to show beaver are not harming water users.  For $80/gauge, you may help save our watershed.

East Fork of Mink Creek

The slides at right show some of the watershed features created by beaver in 2007. Many of Flattailers recall that the  East Fork of Mink Creek once had numerous beaver active Beaver Dams.  Their ponds were epic in size and large trout were just beginning to thrive. Then something happened...the population crashed.  Let's restore the East Fork. Tell Idaho Fish and Game to extend the trapping closure on the East Fork indefinitely.  For a tour of the East Fork, call 232-0825.

MURI Students James and Kasey install a stream gauge on a Portneuf River Tributary .  Click HERE for info on the MURI Program.