Th-112.393937°The Mink Creek Drainage is comprised of four  sub-drainages:  The Main Stem, the West Fork, the East Fork and the South Fork.  Due to the Shut Down,  we do not have  base set up at the Mink Creek Group site, however, we are working on alternatives and will update this site with the preferred location, possibly Cherry Springs.  Please see the MAPS page for details on each zone and the difficulty level expected.  

West Fork Mink Creek: 42.722789°,-112.419717°     Many of you know where this trailhead is.  Sadly we do not expect any beaver activity on the West Fork this year.  You will want to park at the West Fork if you are planning to census the lower South Fork section.

East Fork Mink Creek:   42.736336°, -112.384340°:  is typically censused from the lower cattle guard up to the Nordice Center Road.  Sadly, we do not expect to see any beaver activity in the East Fork.  

South Fork Mink Creek (Lower):  Park at the West Fork Trailhead and cross the road  and walk down to the Valve House Trailhead.  Cross the culvert over the South Fork and hike east up to the cattle guard, about 200 ft..  Make a hard right at the cattle guard and backtrack 100 ft.  but stay on the other (south) side of the fence.  Follow the fence line and count upstream as far as possible.  At some point you will have to climb a fairly steep hill/rock face that forms the narrowest point of this canyon.  Hike back down to the creek and look for activity until you reach the side creek that runs in from the south.   

South Fork Mink Creek (Upper)  Trailhead (The South Fork Gate) 42.712648°, -112.421645°
Park at the trailhead.  There are often cars and snowmachine trailers parked here.  Ski down the road until you see where a small creek passes under the road (culvert), about 400 yd. from the trailhead.  begin counting activity here.  Check out  the maps page for more details!

Main Stem Mink Creek/Cherry Springs  Trailhead :  42.751149°, -112.393937°
The Main Stem is comprised of three zones, two upstream and one downstream from the parking lot.  The bridge just west of the parking lot is the dividing line between the upper and lower zones.  The lower zone follows the asphalt trail for a portion and the east side of the creek for a ways.  Some folks find it easier to census the east side from the area between the road and the creek.  The first upper zone works upstream from the bridge and extends to the end of the asphalt walking trail loop.  The next zone is best assessed from the west side of the creek on the hillside.  This is a rugged but short zone we have designated a RED Zone.  Check out the maps page for more details.

Mink Creek Zone