Suspicious activity can and often looks like poaching.  These kills continue to be our largest challenge.  We need YOU  to help us document  poaching or anything that might look like poaching.  We cannot help beaver without your help. 

Who are poachers? 

  • Poachers often work at night or near dusk.
  • They often shoot beavers with rifles;
  • They may or may not remove the carcass.  If you see a carcass, call us!  208-232-0825;
  • Traps set before November 15th or after April 15th;
  • They may work near canals, creeks and ditches;
  • They may take more than allowable number of beavers;
  • They may trap in zones that are closed.

What to do?  If you are in Region V, in the Pocatello area or the Portneuf River Watershed, call Idaho Fish and Game's Merritt Horseman, 208-251-4509 or the main office at 208-232-4703.  Do not put yourself in danger and do not confront the individuals involved.  Collect license plates, recordings, time and location of shooting / poaching.  Timeliness is critical but do not put yourself in harm's way.

Poachers may  WORK FOR  irrigators who (wrongfully) think that beaver are keeping them from getting their allotted flow.  These poachers may or may not be licensed trappers.  Some may be getting as much as $200 per animal poached.  Often the beavers are wasted, meaning the fur is not used.  This often occurs outside of regular trapping season.

While much publicity is given to poachers of big game like deer, elk and moose, never has their been a case of a beaver poach being placed in the newspaper (we hope to change that).

We don't know if any fines have been levied or trapping privileges  revoked for a beaver poacher, but we cannot find any.

For legal, regular season trappers, there is no limit on the number of beaver a single trapper can take.  He can also work with "helpers".  These helpers, however, must be licensed. (at this point) advocate changing the trapping regulations.  However, we do want existing laws enforced.