Toponce Creek GPS:    42.849829°, -112.013932°
  NOTE:  Count Date for Toponce is February 9th!!!   Register at the 78 Cafe on the Main St. in Lava.  at 8:15 AM (yes, that's early!)   We'll check you in to ensure that you have the right gear and your CHIT.  You will receive directions to the trailhead from there.  Plan on about a 30 minute drive from Lava to the trail head, depending upon weather.  (Visit the Maps page to see the Toponce zone). Park at the Gate on the Kelly-Toponce Road.  Respect private property. At least one member should have 40 hours of winter  back-country  experience.  We will have 1, perhaps 2 snowmachines for support, should that be needed.   

Toponce is an advanced (RED) zone.  Volunteers must mark accurately the beginning and end of their zones on a map.  It  is not necessary to mark each pond or dam, but the beginning and end of the zones is critical.  If you can GPS the beginning and end of the zones, that would be best.

  On return, you must call the assigned based camp as soon as you have cell phone service.    Ensure that you have enough battery to make that call.  Snowmachine operators must also check in and receive a "chit" and return the "chit" when they return.  

You will learn about minimum gear list at the training.

Toponce Zone

  RED zones are the most challenging due to distance, brushiness, remoteness or vertical climb.     Red zones may be as long as 10 miles and best censused on XC skis; other red zones are only  2-5 of miles long but may require a steeper ascent.  Red zone teams begin at 9:00 AM.      You should be in good to excellent shape if your team chooses red zone. 

 All teams must report to the agreed upon base camp by 4:00PM Saturday!

Use caution when approaching wildlife!   As always, please keep updated on the current weather!